Andratx low down


Andratx is loved by all the stars, just last week we had Johnny Depp having a coffee while enjoying some of the stunning views that are offered here.

The village itself is ancient and possesses a whole lot of character. The port is a lot more modern, full of boutique shops, tasty restaurants and friendly people.  So you really do have the best of both worlds.

Some of our favourite beaches are:

  • Sant Elm: 130 metres of white sand and the water is pretty shallow, making this a perfect beach for families.
  • Camp de Mar: A beautiful, long beach with three great restaurants, one of which is located on a rock in the middle of the sea.
  • Gran Folies: This is an amazing beach club with outstanding views, a perfectly sized pool and a good restaurant.

A couple of suggestions on what to do in the area

  • As I mentioned previously, the beach club is a must when visiting this part of the island.
  • Sailing lessons in the Club de Vela
  • Sa Dragonera: You can actually get a boat ride over to this island, the home of many lizards.

Discover the island’s hiking routes and covesGolf, you will find a couple of golf courses in this area, our favourite of which is camp de mar.

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