Top 5 reasons why you should visit Mallorca

This island may only be a small one, but it is most definitely a very special one. We are very lucky to meet a lot of people from all over the world thanks to what we do, but they always seem to say the same thing: that they have travelled for many, many years but no matter where they visit they just seem to get drawn back to Mallorca. Here are a couple of reasons why you should come to Mallorca if you have never been before & if you have visited, this is just a reminder of why you really need to come back:

  • The weather

It is pretty amazing how a sunny day can make everything seem better, it can completely change your view of the day. If you are one of these people who can get quite affected by the weather, then I couldn’t recommend coming to the island any more. Take now for example, we are in March and it feels like a summers day.

  • The beaches

One of the reasons why we love this island so much is because there are still a couple of beaches that even we haven’t come across yet, some hidden coves that are yet to be discovered. You can drive for an hour and feel like you are on a totally different island. Some areas are great for windsurfing and paddle surfing and then you have the areas perfect for boat trips and beach bars.

  • The restaurants

The vast variety of food that we have here is pretty impressive. Of course you have the Mediterranean cuisine, of which we have a couple of Michelin star restaurants and the amazing tapas restaurants but you can also find some great Italian, Indian, Chinese, Asian… We would definitely recommend visiting the “Santa Catalina” area in Palma to truly discover what a great variety of options you can come across. We may be a small island but we definitely know our stuff when it comes to food.

  • The language

All Spanish children are learning the English language from just three years old so as you can imagine their English by the time they hit their teens is far from average. This basically means that it is pretty unlikely to come across a Spanish person who doesn’t speak a little bit of English, another reason why you shouldn’t be held back. The Spanish community is lovely and make you feel very welcome to enjoy their island just as much as they do.

  • The experiences

You can never run out of things to do on this island, whether you are a foodie, a beach lover, a hiker, a cyclist, a runner.. There really is something for everyone, the reason why sports are so popular over here is because you don’t have to worry every time there is a volleyball game on the beach or if you have organised a yoga session on top of a mountain on the weekend because the chances of the weather being able to ruin your plans is very small. Whether you fancy a boat trip, a helicopter ride, a tour of the island with a fleet of classic cars or classic motorbikes, anything is possible. (For anyone interested in any of these experiences, we are in touch with the very best concierge managers on the island who are sure to point you in the right direction).

To sum up everything that we have said in this blog is just come to Mallorca, there is something for everyone and you will never be disappointed.

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