Upcoming Additions To Santa Ponsa

Just incase you didn’t know it already, we are Santa Ponsa’s number one fans so of course we keep up to date with all the new additions and happenings in the area. Today we thought we would let you all in on a couple of recent changes to the area, just five more reasons why you should love Santa Ponsa too:

1- New hotel: If you pass along the beach front you can see they are currently working on a brand new hotel. The ideal spot for a brand new four star hotel. Rather exciting huh?

2- Casa Vida Apartments/Hotel: They are supposed to be investing around three million euros to this building, adding up to fifty rooms. Then in 2018 it will be converted into the “senses” hotel.

3- Promenade: We have to admit it, the promenade leading from the “Empatheia” restaurant all the way along to Costa de la Calma, along the coastline, has always been a bit of trek so when we found out that they are planning on putting a flat promenade all the way along, we couldn’t quite contain our excitement.












4- Healthy Santa Ponsa: We don’t know about you, but we are still managing to keep up with our healthy eating and the new “Be Green” healthy café has made that so much easier. Producing not only healthy but delicious snacks/ lunch options/ soups/ smoothies & juices all day long.

These are only a few of our favourite, recent changes but there are new places opening constantly and now with us just a few months away from summer, we can already notice the amount of people arriving and every day something new is getting ready to open. Summer 2017, we think you are going to be a good one!!