Santa Ponsa 2017, September Festivities Rey Jaume 2017

See the full time table and agenda brochure for Fiesta Rey Jaume Santa Ponsa 2107 here

The summer just seems to be flying by and we can’t quite believe that September is on the horizon already, however for us that means one thing and one thing only: The annual Santa Ponsa, September festivals and here is what to expect:

-Parades galore.

  • Correfocs (basically translated to running with fire)

  • Markets

  • & most importantly on the tenth of September, there will be a re-enactment of the battle between the moors and Christians, taking place on Santa Ponsa’s little and big beach.

We spoke at the beginning of the summer about “el Rocio” which are the festivals that mark the start of the summer and it is fair to say that these September festivities are basically a very happy & traditional way of waving it goodbye.