How to sell a property in Mallorca

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Tips and advice on selling in Mallorca

Selling a property in Mallorca is generally an easy and painless task, it does however rely on some preparation and effort on the sellers behalf.

Preparing your property for sale

It is crucial that the property is presented and prepared in the very best light before we take photos and video and also before viewings, some key facts to consider are.

  • Declutter – nothing makes a house look both unloved and smaller than the reality than having too many items crowding the scene, remember, the buyer is not buying your personal belongings, they are buying into a dream of owning a property in the sun.  If your house in full to bursting with clothes, decor and and effects, it can really turn off buyers.  So we recommend that you de-clutter ruthlessly before marketing the property, at best get the items out of the house and at worst, put everything away that it not a potential benefit to the buyer.
  • Gardens, first impressions really do help sell, so if your front garden is overrun and looks untidy, give us a call, we can recommend gardeners who can cut back and prepare the space at a very low cost, declutter outside as well as inside, it really helps.
  • Be clear, open and honest with your agent about any problems with the house, buyers love to see properties knowing the facts.  Is is a fact of life in Spain that many houses are not 100% legal and that previous owners have made alterations without the correct permissions.  In nearly all cases, these issues can be rectified easily and cheaply, but nothing worries a buyer more to have issues discovered part way through the sales process, it can easily crash deals when issues crawl out of the woodwork at the last stages.  Tell us, we can advise both you and the buyer as to the best course of action.
  • Get all of the paperwork in place prior to the first viewing, buyers love to see a prepared and organised home owner, it makes the whole process more transparent and trustful. Ask our advice which documents you will need to sell the house, the list is ever changing, so give us a call and we can always advise.
  • Make our agent your friend, we love to work with sellers who help the process and it makes everyone much happier and all things smoother in the end.

Selling can be a super quick process, we have completed deals in less than a week before, but this needs you the seller to be ready and able, ask us for advice, that’s what we are here for, to help you sell