Mallorca Markets

One of things we love most about Mallorca is their markets. Here is where all of the locals pick up all of their fruit and vegetables, these markets also mean when everything is closed on a Sunday and there is nothing to do, you know that somewhere on the island there will be a market on. Some of the covered & daily markets, offer different food stations, so you can do your shop of the day and then enjoy either a class of vino or some yummy tapas. Today we thought we would let you know which ones are our favourite and definitely worth checking out:

  • Mercat Olivar: This is one of the covered markets that I mentioned in the above. Great selection of fish, fruit and vegetables. Plus they offer some amazing food stalls: tapas, sushi.. This is one of our favourite places to go during the Christmas celebrations as the atmosphere is like no other.
  • Mercat Santa Catalina: Another one of the covered markets that I mentioned that also offers a large variety of fruit, meat and vegetables aswell as a lot more local produce (such as cheese, sobrassada..). Definitely worth a visit. Make sure to try out some restaurants in the area, as you will most definitely find some of the best.
  • Llotja del peix: Enjoy this market 6 times a week in Palma, from Monday through to Saturday. This is a fish market, so expect to try some of the freshest fish you have ever tasted.
  • Santa María: This market takes place every Sunday, this one is so popular you just have to follow the crowd to know where it takes place. Selling everything and anything you may need.
  • Sineu market: One of the oldest markets in Mallorca, offering a very large variety of local produce aswell as livestock. Every Wednesday morning .
  • Calvia: You should visit this market just because of how beautiful the village itself is and due to the fact that this is Mallorca’s oldest market with over 60 stalls for you to have a nose at. Takes place every Monday, to make saying bye to the weekend not so bad after all.
  • Valldemossa: You should go to this market for the same reason as Calvia, it is a stunning village and you will not be disappointed by their market. They mostly sell souvenirs and clothes. Every Sunday.
  • Andratx: Taking place every Wednesday, make sure to stock up on all of your pottery, flowers and local produce.
  • Inca: this market is held three times a week, every Thursday, Friday and Sunday. This town is very well known for it’s leather so don’t expect anything less from it’s market. Great market for necklaces, shoes, lace and of course local produce.
  • Soller market is held every Saturday from 8 o’clock in the centre of Soller. Selling jewellery, clothes, toys, sweets, sobrasada, traditional straw baskets.. The whole village takes part and is very proud of this weekly market and rightly so. You have to visit to understand why.


As we have constantly mentioned in this post, these markets are fantastic for picking up your weekly fruit, vegetables, fish… but they are also worth visiting just for the feel of them, it is the most perfect way to see how the locals get involved in such a Spanish tradition and also how people from all over the island travel to be a part of it.

Picture this, you are in a beautiful village, surrounded by countryside and beautiful mountains, everyone is in their own little world, the sun is shining and you are witnessing some of the freshest local produce on the whole island, doesn’t this just sound like a perfect outing, this is why we love to grab a spot in one of the surrounding cafes and just watch.  Mallorcan markets you make us very proud.

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