Palma de Mallorca or just plain Palma?


Between all of us here in the office, we have been to a fair amount of cities, yet there is something about Palma that is special. We are not sure if it is the beautiful buildings, the vast amount of tapas restaurants or just the way people feel when they are there.

In the “Casco Antigua”, which means the old town, you can find some of our favourite districts:

  • La Llonja: Where you will find some amazing tapas restaurants, bars and you can also find the famous cocktail bar “Abaco”.
  • Borne: Which has the best shops in Palma: Zara, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Cartier. It is also one of the prettiest streets in Palma.
  • Jaime III: Also a very popular street, full of great shops!

In the old town you will find all the nicest looking buildings, very cute cafes and lanes full of character.

The place to be in Palma at the moment would have to be: Santa Catalina. This area is full of quirky restaurants (tapas, thai, burger), bars & shops.

Portixol, which is a former fishing village, is a great place for eating a paella while glancing out to the harbour.

Palma Cathedral, as known as “the Seu”, is a gothic roman catholic cathedral, also possible for weddings. It was built on the site of a pre-existing Arab mosque. You can get a tour of this beautiful building, something we definitely recommend.

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