Central Mallorca Info


This part of the island is well known for some of it’s amazing, weekly markets. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Santa Maria’s market is held on a Sunday morning. People travel from all over the island to pick up their very fresh fruit and vegetables. There are various cafes surrounding the market, from which you can grab a coffee and watch the world (or in this case market), go by..
  • Sineu’s market is also a very popular one. It takes place on a Wednesday morning and it is a perfect opportunity to not only pick up all of their local produce but also to appreciate just how beautiful Sineu is.
  • Consell has a market every Sunday morning and sells second-hand clothes, antiques and toys. Definitely worth a visit

We are very fond of both Alaro and Montuiri. They are two very traditional towns, surrounded by countryside, old Spanish fincas and mountains. If you would like to get away from the touristic areas, then this is the place to be.

Valldemossa is probably the prettiest village in Mallorca and offers the most incredible scenery. It is a very peaceful area that makes you feel relaxed and right at home. The buildings and houses are beautifully made and you can find some really delicious restaurants.

Inca is one of the best places to shop . You also have the lovely Festival park in this area. On a Thursday morning their weekly market is worth checking out.

A couple of suggestions on what to do in central mallorca:

  • Attend one of the previously mentioned markets.
  • Festival park: An amazing shopping centre, with brands such as: Nike, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, Levi’s, Mustang.. & many more.
  • There are a few vineyards in Binissalem where you can enjoy a very tempting wine tour.

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